Eliminate collar discomfort, allergy to metal and plastic–even  prevent hair loss–with Collar Guard!


Hundreds of dogs die each year when their choke chain catches on a fence or tree, yet many dog owners find them the best tool for correcting their dog. Collar Guard fully encloses your dog’s collar leaving no link exposed to snag on dangerous objects–even the ring and tags can be slipped inside, eliminating the suffocation hazard.


Just like people, dogs can have allergies, and to many of the same things people have allergies to. If your dog is allergic to metal, then their collars may cause irritation, infection, hair loss and pain. Collar Guard keeps all the metal in your dog’s collar away from their skin, allowing them to heal.

In addition to metal allergies, many dogs may be allergic to mold, spores, dust and other environmental allergens. Collar Guard is machine washable, so regular washing can keep allergens from building up on your dog’s collar. (You can also purchase multiple Collar Guards and switch them out while another is in the wash without having to remove your dog’s tags from their collar!)

More information on dogs and allergies:

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While recent studies have found that the microbes dogs bring into your house may be beneficial to you, that doesn’t mean they should remain sitting on your dog! Collars are breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty microbes, and the constant contact of dog and collar means they can easily enter your dog’s bloodstream. Collar Guard puts a barrier between your dog’s neck and their collar, stopping microbes from contacting your dog. And, once again, it can be washed as often as you like!


A properly sized and looped choke chain is the best guard against choking, but even so, Collar Guard adds an extra layer of protection between your dog’s neck and their collar, reducing the chance of injury during correction.