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We are a U.S. based manufacturer focused on serving animals affected by Contact Allergens. Our handcrafted sleeves are designed to slip over your existing collar, avoiding direct contact to your pet’s skin and eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction. Contact Allergen is one of the five allergens affecting your pet, often undiagnosed it occurs when your dog comes into contact with objects that cause an allergic reaction such as metal, plastic, nylon, and rubber, the raw materials used in the manufacturing of collars. Treatment is as easy as slipping a collar guard over your existing collar, removing the item from your dog’s environment. We offer leather leashes, that are durable and stylish and come in various sizes.


Hundreds of dogs die each year when their choke chain catches on a fence or tree. Collar Guard fully encloses your dog’s collar leaving no link exposed to snag on dangerous objects.


Just like people, dogs can have allergies to the metals used in collars, causing irritation, infection, hair loss and pain. Collar Guard keeps all the metal in your dog’s collar away from their skin, allowing them to heal.


Collars are breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty microbes, and the constant contact of dog and collar means they can easily enter the bloodstream. Collar Guard puts a barrier between your dog’s neck and their collar, stopping microbes from contacting your dog.


Choke chains can pinch your dog’s neck during training, but some dogs need that pressure to be corrected. Collar Guard allows you to apply the necessary pressure without the danger of pinching.

On Trend

We are always adding new fabrics to our line of Collar Guards. In fact, most are special orders, so get them while they’re hot!


Our Collar Guards are custom made to your dog’s needs and your tastes. Choose your dog’s neck size, fabric, and embroidery options.


We can add your dog’s name, your phone number, your logo–whatever you want to your Collar Guard!


What to change your pup’s look but they’re miserable in doggie clothes? Collar Guard is an easy way to give your dog style without making them uncomfortable.

We Serve Organizations

Who Serve Animals

Does your business, charity, or club serve animals? We can customize any collar for your dog, cat, goat, cow or horse.
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